Final User Feedback, User Map/Journey, and Product Demo

Trying to Sum Up My Process

  • Prepping for building my presentation:
Designer user flow showing the process from realizing making PComp material more accessible was a bigger project than expected, to prototyping, developing personas, user testing, applying feedback, iterating, and making all materials public online

Design Feedback from Manu

  • Quotes:
  • It is actually really helpful. I wish they were there last semester. I was able to combine both my sight and touch, which is really great.
  • Being able to use multiple senses was awesome.
  • Have the text be in large and high contrast and tactile.
    • 24-26pt

Design Feedback from Antonio

  • Circuit descriptions were too much for him, he is more spatial with his learning.
    • Had to keep going back and listen to the circuit description over and over again.
    • Was getting frustrated.
    • Traced the image on the desk with his fingers.
  • Quotes:
  • It’s too much going on. I can’t deal with it.
  • I don’t want to hear the whole information all at once.
    I have to read it again. I have to read it again.
  • I don’t get it. It’s too much information.
  • I would like to have this at my disposal at all times so I can refer back to it.
  • The tactile schematics are spatially oriented and the text descriptions are too wordy and not separated into their parts.
    I think there should be more [tactile graphics] so people are more exposed to them. We live in a visual world so it’s good to have those concepts.

User Map & Journey

User journey storyboard showing black and white illustrations of a user trying circuit descriptions before becoming frustrated and realizing there are tactile graphics available.
User journey storyboard of a Swell Form Machine, hands exploring a tactile graphic and then hooking up a piezo to a breadboard
User Map showing timeframe, activities, touch points, emotion lines, pain points, and ideas for improvement

Product Demo

Weekly Status

Phase 1 | Observation 1/29/19-  2/12/19 |

Phase 2 | Ideation 2/12/19-  2/26/19 |

Phase 3 | Rapid Prototyping 2/26/19-  3/12/19 |

Phase 4 | User Feedback | 3/12/19- 4/2/19 |

Phase 5 | Iteration | 4/2/19- 4/16/19 |

Phase 6 | Implementation | 4/23/19- 4/30/19 |

  1. Final feedback with Antonio
  2. Prepare Process Book (binder that shows my process)
  3. Apply learnings to all 60 PComp schematics.
  4. Print and bind a book of the completed tactile graphics.
  5. Build an online hub that includes:
    1. Style & Workflow Guide
    2. Both in visual PDF and accessible Word Doc
    3. Downloadable book of all the finished tactile graphics.
  6. Prepare presentation of designer’s journey.

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