Feedback from Josh

Josh advised me this past week, giving me design feedback on the schematics. I found out that any blind person who does serious electronics, uses circuit descriptions, not diagrams. There aren’t graphical representations that, as of yet, can communicate as effectively. It helped with how I want to frame the narrative of the design process.

He recommended two major next steps:

  1. Design an entirely new series of components in one of several different shape containers.  The shape would be a category indicator. Inside the shapes would be a Braille letter or two to distinguish each symbol.  These would be much more discernible.  I worked with Tom to decide on the categories of each symbol. 
    1. Boxes (Power)
      • Battery
      • Ground
      • Voltage
    2. Circles (Passives)
      • Resistors
      • capacitors
      • conductors
      • speaker
      • microphone
    3. Triangles (Actives)
      • Diodes
      • transistors
      • regulator, Integrated Circuit
    4.  Semi Circles (Switches)
      • pushbuttons
      • switch
      • relay
  2. Polish existing symbols, giving everything .25″ of breathing room
    1. Make filled in symbols hollow- when you make something solid, you make it less discernible.

Here’s the first pass at the new symbols, optimized for tactile learning:

3 electronics symbols in box containers
7 electronics symbols in circle containers
4 electronics symbols in triangle containers
3 electronics symbols in semi circle containers

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