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This week… I went to an IRB info session and I GOT IRB APPROVAL! I can’t believe how quick the turnaround was. Private universities FTW!

Final of The Big 6

Built the final schematic meant to test PComp comprehension with Tom’s help and approval.

Schematic of a battery, LED, resistor and switch

Questions/Answer Session with the IRB

Question: Would changing the location to the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library extend our approval timeline?

Answer: No, just let them know and provide a letter of cooperation.

Question: Would presenting my thesis live and having it live online has a video change my informed consent?

Answer: Might need to add an attribution statement to the consent form, “you can use my name or image in public presentations that will be available online.”

Krizia Tests the Big 6

Made Emily’s changes to the style guide and tested it again with Krizia. The designs can be seen side-by-side here, for comparison. These were done separately, at different times, and with no help from each other. Only the Workflow Guide was a reference.

Schematic of Analog In by Krizia
Schematic of Analog Switch by Krizia
Schematic of Analog Switch key by Krizia
Schematic of Battery, switch, resistor, LED by Krizia
Schematic of battery, switch, resistor, LED key by Krizia
Schematic of LED resistor by Krizia
Schematic of Potentiometer by Krizia
Schematic of Transistor by Krizia
Schematic of Transistor by Krizia

Debriefing the usability testing:

  • Need to clarify that the red markings are meant to be removed
  • Ask the designer not to change the size of the artboard since it’s the size of the Swell Form Paper
  • Clarify that the graphic should be scaled up to fit the artboard
  • Since designers are visual, the directions should also live within the template itself

I updated the template with insights from testing with Krizia:

Template of tactile graphic schematic

Weekly Status

Phase 1 | Observation 1/29/19-  2/12/19 |

  1. Organize existing research for a status check and onboarding Amy Hurst.
  2. Complete a competitive analysis on other electronics/microcontroller education techniques for low vision readers.
  3. Begin IRB approval process.
  4. Register and take IRB training
  5. Look into how similar the best practices are for other graphics, like AFB
  6. Make Tom and Amy’s edits to the style guide
  7. Add visuals to style guide
  8. Write How-To guide

Phase 2 | Ideation 2/12/19-  2/26/19 |

  1. Consider user testing methodologies.
  2. Develop personas.
  3. Test style guide with Emily.
  4. Design the main 6 schematics for testing.
  5. Prepare IRB documents.
  6. Create the inventory of tactile graphics with cataloguing in order of PComp labs
  7. CITI Investigators Common Rule training/Refresher course.

Phase 3 | Rapid Prototyping 2/26/19-  3/12/19 |

  1. Define tasks for testing.
  2. Write user testing script.
  3. Go through Emily Lin’s itemized feedback and apply to Style Guide
  4. Continue to refine Style Guide
  5. Finish Cayuse submission
  6. Attend NYU IRB info session on 2/26 from 2-4pm
  7. Update Usability Testing questions
  8. Test with Krizia
  9. Prepare binder of printed tactile graphics for testing.
  10. IRB approval

Phase 4 | User Feedback | 3/12/19- 4/2/19 |

  1. Make a doc of designs: me, Emily, Krizia, side by side
  2. Make a questions list for Chancey
  3. Write user testing script
  4. User test Style Guide again with another designer (Azalea)
  5. Confirm feedback meeting/schedule user test date with Chancey
  6. User testing on NYU campus
  7. Debrief by listing the most serious issues.
  8. Order the issues by how serious they are- fix the top ones first.

Phase 5 | Iteration | 4/2/19- 4/16/19 |

  1. Repeat Phase 3 and 4 as many times as necessary to optimize the graphics for a larger user set.

Phase 6 | Implementation | 4/23/19- 4/30/19 |

  1. Prepare presentation of designer’s journey.
  2. Print and bind a book of the completed tactile graphics.
  3. Build an online hub that includes:
  • Style guide
  • Workflow guide
  • Research abstract
  • Downloadable book of all the finished tactile graphics.

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