Sharifa’s Workstation Phase 5: Final Prep

This week we built the final iteration of Sharifa’s prototype before the implementation phase, when we fabricate the final.

With the consolidated feedback from last week’s user test, we sketched up the next iteration for a build.

Sketch of a workstation with materials needed and measurements

We know we needed to use materials that could take more weight, as the foam core and super glue broke at our last user test. So we decided to switch to wood and screws.

The measurements from the test were correct, so we consolidated our Illustrator files into one large table. Simon is taking digital fabrication, so he had the skills to use the CNC:


Simon using the computer to set up CNC file



We cut the legs to be 6 inches high:

Simon using the saw to cut the table legs

Here is the audio that we recorded of the user feedback session.

Here are the CNC files we used to cut the shape of her workstation

Sharifa’s feedback and follow up questions:

  1. Grippy padding, not too thick, for the elbows
    • Enough so it’s not sore
    • Make the height lower to accommodate height of padding
    • If we add an inch of padding, subtract height from wood
    • Padding will act as a stopper
  2. The thickness of the wood is good, ½ inch
  3. The height of the top piece is too high
    • Does she still want the top piece?
  4. Adjustable sides
  5. Wood is fine as a material
    • She wants cherry wood to match furniture
    • Dark stain, it’s more the color than the wood itself
  6. She wants her name and our signatures engraved
  7. Something to prevent the table from sliding
    • Tiny pocket, tiny dent
  8. Add three inches to the length of the table to accommodate laptop
  9. Add an edge/frame so the laptop doesn’t fall off the back
  10. Keep height and width the same
  11. Puzzle piece that fills in the hole that holds the plate
  12. No pockets on the sides
  13. Indent for her pen

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