Lighting Controller Ideas

For next week’s lighting controller, I have a “safe” option, but I also want to stretch a little bit to explore something outside my comfort level.

I’ve also chosen to work solo this time because I feel like it’s an important exercise in terms of coding comprehension. While I love collaboration, I tend to lean on the stronger coder and need to do a little self check every now and again.


It seems like this might actually be a cool opportunity to play with the Soft Pot beyond the sensor report. It is a natural fit for analog, like volume control, scrolling, and, yes, lighting adjustment. I would work more at the technical side of things, get office hours help, make a nice enclosure. The usual, basically.


When I think of lighting, I think of an iris open and closing. The more open it is, the more light it lets in. I thought it might be interesting to map that to a tangible control. I was thinking of things that open and close: windows, blinds, doors… and I thought of a book. Though books are completely thematically unrelated to stage lighting (oh wait, maybe reading a play?), it could be interesting to open and close a book to regulate lighting intensity. I think I’d use a stretch sensor for this?


I know zipper switches are a thing, but I keep thinking of lighting techs at Brooklyn venues in their American Apparel hoodies and how that would be a practical application. Zip up to let in less light (dim the light), unzip to let in more light (brighten the light). I’m not quite sure what sensor I’d use for this, so I’m still doing research on feasibility.

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