DWD Final Project Ideas

I’ve detailed two ideas for my Dynamic Web Development final below. I’m leaning to the first one, because I can more or less wrap my head around its feasibility, but the second one is another problem I’m interested in working on.


Insight: As I have learned in my assistive technology course, social media platforms are often reactive with assistive tech, meaning they fix problems for outlying user groups, like the visually impaired, after the app has already become successful.

Opportunity: Build a basic social platform from the ground up considering users with vision impairment.

Idea: A social media platform that is purely auditory.

How it works: Like Vine, but auditory, users would record a 15 second audio recording to post to their feed. Other users can listen to their feed, hearing about their niece’s first steps, or their friends bad MTA commute. It would be a break from endless Instagram stories, and free the user up to consume their feed without having to look down at their phone- perfect for commuters and city dwellers who need to be looking ahead.


Insight: ITP can feel overwhelming at times based on the sheer amount of new information being thrown at us. When we get too overstimulated, we shut down.

Opportunity: Help users avoid excess stress by becoming more aware of stimuli and their relationship to how you feel.

Idea: A stimulus tracker that helps the user know when it’s time to put their foot on the brake.

How it works:

  1. User inputs level of stimulation from 1-10 along with the date.
  2. User can see all of their inputs over time, maybe noticing that they’re trying to do too much, and back off a bit.

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