PComp/ICM- The Starting Line: Final

Project Description

The Starting Line is a game powered by privilege. We wanted to explore recontextualizing the conversation surrounding privilege in a game format to make even a little easier to talk about.

Terrick and I were referenced by this viral video and a Buzzfeed privilege quiz.

User Flow

  1. Two users step up to a halo of light in front of two pressure sensor mats that are labeled “Yes” and “No”. This set up is positioned in front of a large screen TV.
  2. The users are presented with a brief description of the project.
  3. The users are presented with direction to run in place for 2 seconds on the “Yes” mat, and standing in still for 2 seconds on the “No” mat.
  4. The users answer a series of yes or no questions. Each answer “yes” signifies privilege.
  5. The users are presented with a final calculation of privilege in the form of a percentage. It’s here where they find out how close their starting line is to their finish line, i.e. how big of a head start do they have in life.
  6. We tell the users that privilege is a powerful tool that can be used to help others and encourage them to discuss their experience.
  7. Finally, we provide small cards with contact information for various organizations where they can use their privilege in a constructive way.

Systems Diagram


The image above shows our system diagram.

  1. Our Arduino code is ran on our computer and sent to the microcontroller (serially).
  2. We have four analog sensors and one digital sensor connected to the Arduino.
  3. the input from the sensors are sent to arduino (via wires) and then to the computer (serially).
  4. This information is then sent to P5 (via P5 serial control)  which is shown visibly on a TV monitor.

The Code

p5.js code | Arduino code

For our final documentation, I’d like to present it visually with a rough cut of our trailer video. We intend to refine it with additional footage from the show and other users, but for now, here is the Starting Line in its (currently) working entirety:


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