PComp- The Starting Line (progress)

Terrick and I had the game code working pretty well late last week with the breadboard buttons. We began the process of translating the digital data to analog data, and read the analog data as a “Yes” or a “No.

Fabrication became a priority, with a quick stop at Canal Rubber:

We got a sweet deal: $23 for 4 pieces of rubber- in precisely the red and green colors we were after. Also, the proprietor was extremely friendly; a nice break from Canal Plastics 😛

Back in the shop, we laser cut prototype mats out of paper and attempted to get them working with our existing code:

I’ll safely admit at this point, that everything truly does take 3.14x the amount of time and energy that you think it will. For instance, we began cutting the rubber mats this weekend, and spent a good hour on the first one, mainly because I forgot to make the black stroke red (that signifies cutting) and also to manually focus the printer, so it just kept burning the word “Yes” into the rubber.

Danny walked in and thought someone was about to burn the place down. Yikes!

Once, we remembered to focus the laser cutter, we were on our way and quickly able to produce these babies:

We also did quite a bit of wire-coiling:

Finally, we were ready to set up all our pieces. The screen by Dante’s desk worked perfectly, while giving the users plenty of space to move around.

Then it was time to test it out on users who had little to no context regarding the project. We had one successful run through! Here’s Terrick, Vidia, and Jenny:

We feel ready for playtesting! The next big step will be focusing on fabrication details and making it infallible, especially since we’re aiming to do the winter show.

To the toppermost of the poppermost! (I mean, not really, but still)

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