SEA- An ITP Public Space

For this assignment, we were asked to create an online public space. Since I am, by no means, a coder, I went with something I could create and play with in the allotted time frame: social media.

ITP has a few public spaces- namely the Facebook page. However, it is by invite only. I wanted to create an experimental space that would reflect the microcosm of ITP, while refusing to enforce any rules.

Instagram accounts are typically representative of one voice: a brand, an artist, my dad. But what if we democratized an account and extended it to all? How many phones could be logged in at the same time before Instagram got hip to us and kicked us off?

I expect a lot of cute cats and dogs. I’m afraid of everyone’s shadow sides… what would I post if I knew it would be anonymous?

I think the strangest feeling so far has been that we all have control of the boundaries- who we follow back, who we like, etc.

Each post seems to be getting only one like each because there’s only one main user.

I even had one user, who was in a rush, offer to text me the picture they want posted and instructed me on the preferred caption. So we began communicating outside of the public space in order to facilitate it.


The other weird feeling is liking your own post. It feels narcisstic, but in this space it’s anonymous so no one knows…

I’m going to let this breathe for a bit and I’ll have updates soon.

*UPDATE* Will this get messy? Will someone change the password? How dark will it get?

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