Socially Engaged Art- Initial Ideas

Since Trump got elected, the catcalling has gotten worse and more frequent. It’s almost like the catcallers are getting permission from someone… oh wait. I’d love to engage with New Yorkers who are used to confronting, ignoring, or having their day ruined by catcalling, but I’d like to flip this trope around to make people’s days even better. I’d do this by sending out a team of artists to a New York City block who would catcall words of encouragement and empowerment to all New Yorkers. 

Another idea Terrick, Ellen, and inspired by Terrick’s comments about pedestrians interacting with alleyways. Who has permission to go down them and why? When did enough negative occurrences accrue, that they’ve taken on a sinister connotation? I’d like to transform a New York alleyway into the most inviting place in the world: lights, music, snacks, dancing, giving alleyways back to the public, so to speak.

My third idea is a more general framework, but could generate some interesting interaction with the public. We’ve been talking about privately owned public spaces and how they’re a requirement, but who gets to define the rules put in place there?The other day, when we tried jumping in one of these areas, we were approached by security who informed us that jumping was forbidden. Who developed that rule? How much can they be redefined before we’re greeted by security? I’d like to develop my own set of rules in a privately-owned public space, and demonstrate them to the surrounding public. e.g. In my space, hopping on one foot is mandatory, greetings to others will only be done by curtsying, etc.

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