ICM- Final Project Proposal

For my ICM final project, I have two thoughts. Either to incorporate my PComp final, a game powered by privilege that will rely heavily on p5.js, or make something separate. For that project, please let me introduce Paulexa. This idea was originally written up for PComp, but Tom smartly pointed out that it made a better ICM project.


I was inspired by watching people yell at the Google driving lady, calling her a “bitch” and worse, proving that she is, indeed, gendered. A quick YouTube search brings up videos like this:

So why is it that all of our submissive AI is female? Alexa and Siri are sounding boards for misogyny without being able to defend themselves.

It’s time to even the keel. Introducing, Paulexa, a spineless and complicit personal assistant inspired by Paul Ryan. Frustrated at the GOP again? Order Paulexa to put more birth control in your Amazon cart. Demand that he reads you the wiki page for Dorothy Pitman Hughes. Command him to order you a Lyft to the nearest Planned Parenthood. These days, even a little catharsis is better than nothing!

How it works:
– Create a sound library from Paul Ryan interviews and town halls that mirror Alexa’s
– Write code that reads volume levels so he knows when you’re angry at him
– He can respond with defensive, diplomatic answers that keep talking about the tax code overhaul and repealing Obamacare

I’m convinced this is the only Paul Ryan gif that doesn’t burn out my retinas:


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