ICM- Playing with Video

I love playing with the tension between live data and animation last week, so this week I’m going to be playing around with video.

I had this weird idea to create a sketch that lets you paint with your face. I think (?) I achieved it, but I kind of wish there was a way to make the paintbrush round and not square.

I used the copy() function and put in the necessary parameters: the x and y location of the upper lefthand corner, and the size of the area I wanted to copy, as well as the location of where I wanted it to copy to. I used mouseX and mouseY for that, so you’d draw an area of your face wherever the mouse was, to create a painting-like effect.

I’d like to be able to track my face and use my face as a real-time paintbrush. I’m going to begin to look into that!

Here’s the sketch!

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