ICM- Reverse Painting

I’ve been getting inspired by the MacPaint-style sketches I’ve played around with. I like that they provide you with the illusion of control, when it’s just the computer painting a shape on a background over and over again.

I wanted to create a reverse-MacPaint, a painting program where the computer continues to paint shapes on top of each other across the entire canvas, and you only have the power to erase: MacPaint thrown into complete chaos.

I began by setting up my canvas, per usual:

Then I needed to figure out how to have a constant barrage of color that would need to be erased. I set the RGB parameters on the blue/violet end of the spectrum, so I wouldn’t get too much gray with the transparency. I set the variable to random which would paint shapes on random points on the  x and y axes throughout the composition.

I set the fill function so that it would call those random RGB values and added an alpha so that you could see the shapes layer on top of the “eraser” I was planning on adding in. The 10 pixel rounded corners was a total happy accident, so I left it in!

Next came the “eraser”. I knew the shapes wouldn’t stop being called, which added to the expression of chaos. I used mouseX and mouseY so that a white circle 40×40 pixels would be drawn wherever the mouse was located:

Finally, in case the chaos was overwhelming and the user needed a break, I added a mousePressed function which re-painted the white background, clearing the canvas for a fraction of a second:

Here is the final result if you want to feel kind of stressed out, but also look at pretty colors and transparency. Voila, the reverse-MacPaint:







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